Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sbi Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate

SBI two wheeler interest rates are decided by State Bank of India from time to time according to monetary conditions, inflation and RBI guidelines etc. 

Person seeking two wheeler loan from SBI to finance their vehicle need to know about the prevailing two-wheeler loan interest rates. Currently SBI two wheeler loans are available on base rate plus 8.25%. It means the current interest rate with effect from 04.02.2013 is
Base Rate – 9.70% + 8.25% = 17.95% percent.

Amount of two-wheeler loan interest compounded annually and charged on reducing balance of amount due as principle towards loan.


  1. 2 wheeler seekers are not multi millionaires ... So kindly reduce the interest rate for salaried employees..

  2. private banks and finance companies are looting the people. when a person seek a two wheeler loan they are giving completely false interest rate's. actually they are adding the hidden charges, processing fee etc. to the principle amount. but saying to the customers we are only charging 12-14%(Per anum)interest rates. if we calculate the all EMI's amount minus principal... the interest customer have to be paid was more than double(30-38% interest rate). so people be aware of those cheaters.